CEO & Founder Bianca Ridges also known as Fancy Monroe


Meet the owner of Fancy B. Hair Products, Bianca Ridges, also known as “Fancy Monroe”. Fancy has always had a passion for hair. Growing up the child of Master Hair Stylist, Donna “Cricket” Ridges, Fancy found a love for hair while watching her mother own and operate her own hair  salon. She attended hair conventions and hair shows and assisted her mother after school as the Shampoo Assistant. After high school, Fancy attended South Carolina State University. With years of practice, she decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and dive into her passion full time. 


 Fancy and her mom

Fancy Monroe & her Mom

Fancy Monroe & her Mom at her graduation from
Kenneth Shuler Cosmetology Program

As time progressed Bianca became a healthy hair care specialist and noticed her clients had a hard time finding hair products that promote hair growth. Being the business woman that she is, she decided it was time to launch a hair care line that caters to hair growth. After experimenting with many formulas she found the right one. That is how Fancy B. Hair Care was created.  

Fancy Monroe pictured with her Growth Serum

To continue the family legacy, Fancy’s  daughter, Ms. Kennedy has launched her hair care line,  “Fancy K” for kids. Kennedy is following in the wisdom and knowledge of her grandmother and mother. She enjoys being in the salon assisting them both. Even though she is not quite old enough to service clients she enjoys styling her and her dolls’ hair. 

Kennedy pictured with two of her products

Little Miss Kennedy, CEO of Fancy K


Growing up Kennedy has struggled with Eczema. With the changing of season her Eczema caused her hair trouble. She would have a lot of breakage due the inflammation of her scalp. So her mother decided to go back into the lab thus creating Fancy K for kids who may have the same issues as her daughter. The great thing about Fancy Kids is that this plant-based formula is also great for all types of hair (natural or chemical) and is 4C hair  approved!

Fancy, a native of Detroit, Michigan, now resides in South Carolina.